The tool that makes the electronic invoicing easy and accessible for VSE and SME

Your invoicing is accessible online at anytime and anywhere in the world from your computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android.

Flexina Invoicing was made to save you time with a pleasant and easy to use interface.

Flexina Invoicing is safe : we take care of protecting and saving your data several times a day.

Flexina is ready for the mandatory electronic invoicing in Belgium and allows you to produce invoices in Peppol 3 BIS and format: your accountant will be delighted because he can import your invoices without any manual input.

Easy to use Online Invoicing Software

Get your invoices paid faster

Flexina Invoicing helps you to have your invoices paid faster : it allows you to easily find information on your unpaid invoices.

You have a clear view on your paid invoices, unpaid invoices, overdue invoices and you can easily send reminders to your customers to get your money.

Get your invoices paid faster

Turnover and statistics in real time on your invoicing

Your turnover is calculated in real time everytime an invoice or a credit note is validated.

Flexina Invoicing gives you access to many invoicing statistics with many criteria : VAT rate, sellers, countries, customer familly, item familly...

Invoicing Software that calculates your turnover

Complete customer and prospect information to facilitate your commercial management

The customers and prospects' details sheet of Flexina Invoicing let you group all the information of your third parties in one place.

You have a clear view on the contact details but also on your commercial management : current estimates, unpaid invoices, notes... linked to your customers or prospects.

The identification of your customers and prospects in your commercial management

Your own customizable invoices and estimates templates

With Flexina you can entirely customize your invoices and estimates templates : the layout is customizable, there is the possibility of attaching your terms and conditions to the back of your invoices, put a background image on your invoices.

The template editor verify that your templates include the mandatory legal information and our support help you for free to setup the layout of your invoice templates.

Easy commercial management with conversion of estimates into invoices

Complete commercial management: your estimates, purchase orders, delivery notes, invoices...

Flexina Invoicing facilitates the commercial management of your company by allowing you to easily follow all of your commercial documents with customizable status.

With Flexina, you have a better view on your activity and you simplify your commercial management for a faster invoicing which will allow your to convert more estimates into invoices.

Easy commercial management with conversion of estimates into invoices

Create your catalog of items that you can use to save time when invoicing

Don't lose time by searching for the description or the price of your items when you need to issue an invoice.

With Flexina you can quickly search for your products and services and integrate them in your estimates and invoices in one click.

Use your item catalog to make an invoice

Ready for mandatory electronic invoicing

Be prepared for the obligation to issue electronic invoices with powerful, easy-to-use invoicing software at an affordable price.

Save time with the best invoicing software

For more than 10 years, we have been offering quality customer service and always ready to help you.

You don't need to be an IT or business management expert: it's the easiest software to use, and we offer you training and free starting setup.

Strengths of our online estimate and invoicing software

Estimate and Invoicing
Manage your estimates, invoices, purchase orders, delivery notes..., pro forma invoices, supplier orders and deliveries, purchase invoices.
Third party management
Quickly find your customers, prospects or suppliers... and visualize with the help of a complete sheet all the information related to them.
Item management
Save time with the catalog of items to encode your documents.Get sales statistics on your items.
Payments and reminders
Track the payment of your invoices. Quickly view your unpaid invoices.Quickly view your unpaid or overdue invoices. Easily create and track your reminder letters.
Analyze and export dozens of statistical data: turnover..., sales log, analysis by sellers, products, customers...
Completely change the look and layout of your documents..., the color of your interface as well as dozens of practical options.
Import / Export
Import and export your customers, prospects, suppliers, items, statistics. You can obtain a copy of your data at any time.
Cloud Invoicing
Securely access Flexina via the web or via the mobile version.optimized for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Activate modules according to your business needs. : orders and deliveries, supplier documents, cost analysis...
No subscription
No subscription ! You prepay a 3, 6 or 12 month plan. and you have the right to stop at any time and collect your documents.
At your service
Our team is always available to quickly answer your questions and provide a solution.
Flexina allows you to define for each user his access rights and restrictions.
See for yourself the ease of online invoicing
and the quality of our customer service
Try Flexina Invoicing for free for 15 days without obligation

You can also contact us to get a free demonstration with a Flexina Invoicing advisor.

Flexina Invoicing makes your online invoicing easy on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Invoicing software on iPad Invoicing software for Android
Invoicing software on iPhone, iPad, Android.

Customer testimonials

For more than 10 years, we have been providing quality professional service in dozens of countries.
Faithful to FLEXINA since always, a real pleasure and a very efficient tool on a daily basis. We had tried many different invoicing software and none of them offered such latitude in settings and customizations. You can also count on an extremely efficient and responsive technical service, which makes each handling very smooth. A must have for all freelancers and companies who want an all-in-one tool without any hassle. Thanks to the whole team!
Lionel Delsart - Belgium
Led Tech Pro SARL.
I have been using Flexina for 13 years, it is an excellent invoicing software which is complete (quote, order form, delivery note, invoice, etc.). It is easy to use, with its application and the Cloud, it allows access to documents from anywhere and with any device. Regular updates whose payment with QR code is very practical. I highly recommend this invoicing solution.
Ugo Genestout – Switzerland
I take this digital pen to say that I find that Flexina is a company that fights hard to satisfy us, what's more, with an excellent team behind, available, at the listen, and above all reactive! Nothing to complain about, I use Flexina every day, even on weekends, and it works great! 100% recommended.
Guillaume LEDUC – France
Since using Flexina, my life has changed. Everything is easier, they update very regularly. They always answer the phone, they are really super responsive! Thank you
Albane SCHALLER - Luxembourg
I was looking for a program online, I found flexina which solved all my problems, simple and fast and the support always available, I highly recommend it in Switzerland.
Sergio Scalirò – Switzerland
We have been using Flexina to make our invoices and quotes for several years now, it is a really complete and easy-to-use invoicing software. We are very satisfied with the service and the human contact with the members of the Flexina team, who are always available to advise us.
Guillaume LEDUC – France
I've been using Flexina since 2016, the software is super simple and very practical. Good luck to the whole team.
Jonathan Flasschoen – Luxembourg
Casa&Co SA
We have been using Flexina for years. Very easy to use and very easy to handle. We recommend it.
CENGIZ GURSOY – Switzerland
Flexina, top-of-the-line software suitable for SMEs on computers and smartphones. simple software meets business needs
Katia Goursaud – France
The online invoicing software Flexina Invoicing is ready for the electronic invoicing
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